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Top 8 Best Free Website For Small Business in 2022


Published 21/10/2022

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Money24H has gathered 8 websites where you can create your own online presence with impact and beauty in order to attract potential customers. With an exceptional 4.8/5 overall score, these websites provide you with access to an abundance of great features, a high level of support, and ease of use, making it our top pick for businesses in need of a free website builder.

Best free website for small business 2022


Wix is the best free website for small businesses since it is simple to use. It also includes some important SEO and marketing tools that are available in the completely free-forever version. Wix is popular because it has the greatest template library and the most creative freedom, allowing users to construct a unique-looking website. If you want a website that appears custom-built to stand out and establish credibility for your brand online, this is the ideal solution. Begin with one of the hundreds of ready-made templates or blank templates.

If you use Wix for the free version, you will receive: 

  • Free SSL-secured website on a Wix subdomain with Wix branding
  • Unlimited web pages as opposed to site builders that limit you to a few dozen.
  • A true website editor with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Create a catalog with an unlimited number of digital and physical products.
  • A large app directory to let you enhance the functionality of your website.
Wix has a variety of website templates
Wix has a variety of website templates (Source: Internet)


Squarespace offers hundreds of templates as well as services such as eCommerce stores, Shopify integration, analytics, digital marketing tools, and more. Squarespace is ideal for folks who are not technologically savvy or who do not wish to create their own website. They have numerous options ranging in price from $12 to $40 per month, all with a range of bonuses.

The builder itself is simple to use, with drag-and-drop features and a variety of integrations, so you can have your website up and operating in a short time. Squarespace is the most user-friendly website for small business and allows for social network integration when creating simple websites.

Website built by Squarespace
Website built by Squarespace (Source: Internet)


The Weebly site editor is section-based and offers limited customisation. You can't add a section simply hovering over the site builder; instead, drag parts from the left-hand menu and then fill them with content. Weebly has the advantage of allowing you to change your theme at any moment without sacrificing all of your past work. For individuals who desire a simple site with the ability to simply change templates, it may be a faster option to develop your site.

When you use Weebly - best website builder for free, you can get:

  • Free website and SSL security hosted on a Weebly subdomain 
  • Online store with unlimited products, quick view and checkout, and inventory management
  • Extend coupons and sell gift cards
  • Online ordering for in-store pickup
  • Payments via Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square Pay, and Cash App,...
  • SEO, Instagram integration, Google and Facebook ad management.
Weebly interface
Weebly interface (Source: Internet)


GoDaddy is the best website for small business that want to expand their business with 24/7 site visitor engagement and conversion tools. Godaddy has hundreds of theme possibilities with their website building services, all of which are tailored to your individual requirements. Text can be edited, colors and fonts can be changed, pages can be added or deleted, and photographs and videos may be uploaded. It also provides the best customer service. If you need assistance, you may reach out to their professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, email, or live chat.

The free version cover:

  • Chatbots for continuous engagement and conversion
  • Reservations for arrangements
  • Limited payment acceptance using PayPal SSL security to secure and protect site visitor data
  • Access to GoDaddy Studio for creating branded content for your website and social media.
  • Marketing on social media
  • Google listings management tools
GodDaddy  is one of the greatest free site editors for small businesses
GodDaddy  is one of the greatest free site editors for small businesses (Source: Internet)

WordPress is one of the world's most popular and trusted website builders providing free business website and email. It's ideal for blogs, editorial websites, eCommerce sites, and so on. It provides a large number of free, simple templates and allows you to construct fully customized websites, enter your own HTML, add thousands of widgets and plugins, integrate social networking, link YouTube videos, optimize for mobile devices, and use other add-ons. Through the use of configurable WordPress theme plugin settings, WordPress makes it simple to construct your desired website design. Furthermore, its site builder is simple to use and practical, allowing you to quickly develop a small company website design.

CMS Wordpress
CMS Wordpress (Source: Internet)


HubSpot is believed to be the greatest for creating a free website on a custom domain. By integrating the free CRM with your HubSpot website, you can develop an all-in-one solution for sales, marketing, and customer service. You'll have everything you need to attract contacts with inbound marketing, advertisements, and landing pages, nurture them with email marketing, convert them to consumers, and turn them into repeat purchasers and dedicated patrons. Hubspot also included demos and tutorials to help you rapidly learn all you can do with your website.

The free version cover: 

  • Free-forever plan 
  • High-converting landing pages , web pages and blog articles
  • Sales-oriented integrations with a free customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • Embed custom scripts, CSS, and HTML
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Multilanguage websites
  • Website analytics
  • SEO advice
Hubspot also included demos and tutorials to help you rapidly learn all you can do with your website.
Hubspot (Source: Internet)


Webnode is also the best drag-and-drop website builder for small enterprises who plan on scaling with multilingual sites. Webnode provides hundreds of modern, premade, multipage templates, making it simple to modify a template and launch your small business website in a matter of hours, for free, and with no prior web design or coding knowledge. One of the best aspects of Webnode is that its templates are so well-designed and feature-rich that customizing your site is straightforward and takes little time.

What will you Get for Free version are:

  • Free website with a Webnode subdomain and branding
  • 100MB storage limit
  • 1GB of bandwidth
Webnode is also the best drag-and-drop website builder for small enterprises who plan on scaling with multilingual sites.
Webnote (Source: Internet)


Mozello has the most straightforward and user-friendly UI of all the best free website builders, making it one of the simplest methods to create a free small business website. This allows for quick and painless website design. The options are very straightforward and well-organized, and your adjustments are implemented swiftly. It doesn't have as many templates as Wix or Webnode, but those that are available span a wide range of sectors and design styles. It's also simple to locate different settings, such as where to adjust SEO settings and attach a Google Analytics ID for tracking. Mozello is the only free website builder on this list that includes ecommerce at the free plan level, aside from Weebly.

Get Mozello for Free with:

  • Free website with SSL security 
  • 500MB of storage
  • Online store with up to 5 products and payments through PayPal
  • Marketing features including SEO support, social media, Facebook pixel, and access to HTML code
This allows for quick and painless website design.
Mozello Website Builder (Source: Internet)

Things to keep in mind when creating a website for a small business

Here are  some points you should keep in mind when building a website for you business as folowings:

  • Make a clear description
  • Create a simple Wed adress
  • Have an easily-navigated site map
  • Engage Customer testimonials
  • Obvious Call to action
  • Meet basix SEO requirement
  • Fresh and quality content.

Money24H hopes that you will get enough information when choosing the best website builder for your business. Follow us for more mar-tech information.

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